Empowering Excellence To S.O.A.R.

SOAR is an acronym for Student Opportunities for Achievement and Results. Holy Spirit catholic School has a SOAR program designed to assist students who benefit and qualify to receive interventions in specific areas. The program is similar to other processes, such as the RTI process (Response to Intervention). In addition to regular math and reading interventions, Holy Spirit offers Dyslexia interventions for students diagnosed with dyslexia. Holy Spirit strives to provide accommodations within the scope of our resources for students who are identified as having special learning needs.


* Note: Holy Spirit Catholic School cannot provide a modified curriculum.


The S.O.A.R. program works with parents, students, and teachers to provide the best learning environment with educational interventions to assist our students.

Our classroom teachers teach with enthusiasm and vigor, while recognizing that students learn in a variety of ways. Differentiated instruction is used to better accommodate the students' learning styles and abilities. Holy Spirit Catholic School may be able to provide appropriate accommodations to students with other diagnosed learning disabilities.  However, we cannot provide a modified curriculum.

Meet Our S.O.A.R. Team


Learning Center Department Chair
Ida Brooks


S.O.A.R. Interventionist
Janice Ferretti


S.O.A.R. Interventionist
Norma Rodriguez