Igniting A Love For Learning

When you walk into Holy Spirit Catholic School, you will find children discovering new concepts, collaborating, solving problems and using hands-on activities in the classroom. In addition to igniting a love of learning, Holy Spirit Catholic School celebrates each student’s unique talents, interests, and abilities by fostering the innovative spirit of every child. Holy Spirit Catholic School uses the curriculum guidelines of the Department of Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of San Antonio, along with the Texas State standards, as its main source for determining the course of instruction.  


student writing
Our PK3 & PK4 programs are centered on creating an engaging learning environment that focuses on the whole child and nurtures growth in all areas. Using the teachings of the Catholic Church as our foundation, each child is challenged to grow spiritually, intellectually, socially, and physically. We use a developmentally appropriate and integrated curriculum that focuses on developing early literacy skills across the curriculum. In addition, students learn to develop positive relationships with others, express their emotions, have patience, and be more independent.
Our Primary department includes PK3 - second grade. The literacy concepts introduced in Early Childhood are built upon during these formative years. Starting in Kindergarten through second grade, students are benchmarked to assess their reading level progress and are instructed using a guided reading approach. This approach incorporates the differentiation strategies that are used across the curriculum in every subject. In second grade, students are introduced to cursive handwriting and prepare to receive the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion.
Students in third-fifth grade comprise the Intermediate department at Holy Spirit. Beginning in third grade, the curriculum is departmentalized, and students are instructed by both teachers in each grade level. The goal of the intermediate department is to prepare students for middle school by challenging them academically, working on organizational skills, and continuing to instill Catholic values as the students progress through their faith journey.

Our Middle School department includes grades sixth - eighth. Students are taught the importance of independence, organization, and responsibility during this time. The middle school curriculum consists of the core subjects - ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Religion, as well as elective classes that the students receive on a rotating basis. The middle school team works hard to ensure our students are well prepared for high school as they focus on developing their academic skills and leadership abilities while continuing to support their students as they continue their faith journey into high school.

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Our Specials team, also known as our Elective team, consists of Art, Library, Music, PE, Spanish, STEM, and Technology classes. These classes serve as a supplement to our academic core curriculum.