Our Faith

For the students at Holy Spirit Catholic School, Religion is not only a core subject, it is taught and emulated across all subjects. We are immersed in Catholic values and traditions throughout the day. We support character development, instilling in children ethical values that ultimately guide their decision-making process; from their personal, everyday behaviors to their chosen career paths. Moral conduct is built into the very fabric of school culture. Following the example of Jesus Christ, students are required to model Christian behavior by honoring the dignity of each individual. We encourage the expression of faith in word, thought, and deed.

Holy Spirit Catholic School Prayer

O Holy Spirit,

Thank you for the gifts and talents you have given me.
Please help me today to use them
to the best of my abilities.
Be in my heart to fill me with God’s love;
Be in front of me to light my way and guide me;
Be behind me to give me strength and courage;
Be beside me to constantly remind me
that everything I do is for God.Amen.


By: Former HSCS parent,  Sandra Hoelscher

How Our Faith Guides Our Day