“This is the home of God,” Parker, a Kindergarten student, responded when Father Antonio asked why we spend much of our time in silence at Mass.  Every week one of our parish priests, Fr. Antonio or  Fr. Miguel, celebrates Mass with our school community.   The priest’s reflections are tailored for younger hearts & minds, and they often include open-ended questions for students to answer.

Every Wednesday you can feel the faith and community as you watch our students in the pews.  Our older students act as Mass Buddies for our younger students.  Each Mass Buddy pair, one older & one younger student, are matched up in August to create a year-long friendship.  The older students act as role models who demonstrate respectful behavior and gently guide the younger students in how to participate in Mass.  The younger students enjoy the camaraderie of having an older friend as a consistent weekly Mass companion.  By Christmastime each year, the friendship is solidified, and you see two bright smiles as they greet each other in the pew on Wednesday mornings.

Each week our students read the daily reading & the Prayers of the Faithful, sing joyfully in the choir & pews, present the gifts, and pray the Our Father together hand-in-hand as a school community.  There’s nothing more powerful than hearing hundreds of little voices sing a beautiful religious, soul-filled song or hearing a little voice read the Word of the Lord.  Those are the moments when we are all reminded why Catholic School education is a sacrifice that we treasure.

Catholic School students most often continue their faith through adulthood without wavering.  Math and Science offer so many answers in our lives, but it’s our faith that carries us through our daily trials, challenges, joys, and celebrations.

So as we sit in Mass each week quietly watching the faith grow in our students, we cannot help but treasure the moments when we hear responses like Parker’s.  They make all of us smile and fill our hearts with joy seeing how their faith is such a natural part of their school days at Holy Spirit.  We know this is just the beginning of each student’s life journey, and we know that God will be present in their lives every step of the way.

We invite you to join us for Mass on Wednesdays during the school year at 8:15 a.m. in the Church.