A Unique Book Club


Pancake Breakfast

Third grade is an integral part of the vertically aligned curriculum at Holy Spirit Catholic School.  This particular grade level creates a unique experience for students, as they have left the primary grades and have entered the intermediate level.  Homework assignments and projects become increasingly autonomous, which leads students to develop a stronger sense of pride in their work.

All American Day

Holy Spirit’s third grade, a self-contained classroom, offers a perfect combination of the foundational curriculum and educational activities.  A great example is the 3rd Grade Book Club; this is an incredible way to support the joy of reading with the fellowship of a book club. Over the course of the academic year, our 3rd graders usually read nine books.  Like a traditional book club, our 3rd grade teachers set aside a few hours for each month’s Book Club Day. After the students turn in their formal written book report, they discuss their current selection, as they relax with a pillow and blanket that they are allowed to bring for the Book Club meeting. In addition, at the conclusion of each book, the students also enjoy a guest speaker or event related to the book’s topic. Other fun Book Club activities that the students enjoy throughout the school year include: a family pancake breakfast, a speaker from Lighthouse For the Blind, a visit from military dogs and their trainers, a lemonade stand benefitting local charities, and an “All American Day” where students play baseball and enjoy hot dogs and apple pie for lunch.  More importantly, the students attain other benefits by participating in the Book Club such as perfecting their cursive, improving their reading comprehension, and by being exposed to the fellowship of a Book Club.


In addition to the Book Club, another unique aspect of Holy Spirit’s third grade experience is the Social Studies Map Project.  Each student is required to draw a physical map from the Holy Spirit Catholic School to their home to give to their teacher; in addition, they also have to write step-by-step directions.  The teachers only utilizes the student’s map to arrive at each destination, where the student gets a quick visit from their teacher before she heads off to the next house.

Map Project

As a third grade parent shared with our principal, Mrs. Webb, recently, “Third grade is a prime example of what Holy Spirit offers families – a perfect balance of childhood experiences and an impeccable education.”