Holy Spirit – An Archdiocesan Catholic School

According to the Archdiocese of San Antonio Catholic Schools Office, “The fundamental purpose of Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of San Antonio is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus the Christ. His news is one of challenge, love, and unity. His spirit is caught in the lives of students. Affirming that parents are the primary educators and partners of education, we prepare students to share the spirit of Jesus through community building, Christian acts of service, and word and worship. We commit to provide inspiring active learning and quality education so that all students Share the Spirit of Catholic Education.”

This means that as an Archdiocesan School, Holy Spirit also shares the same core beliefs:

  • Foster a Catholic Identity
    We prepare students to encounter the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to bring Catholic teachings and values into their lives and the global world.
  • Invest in Community Building
    We are committed to building a communal spirit that is the heart and reality of the Christian formation.
  • Provide Quality Education
    We teach knowledge and critical skills so that students function fully as citizens within a changing technological and multicultural community.
  • Encourage Moral Formation
    We lead by example in teaching moral values that encourage respect and responsibility.
  • Appreciate Families
    We recognize the family as the basic faith community in which all members share as active participants in the educational process.
  • Support Parish Life
    We believe that the school contributes to the parish through the formation of students as active participants in the parish community.
  • Share Governance
    We seek support and participation from those who share a common vision, mission, and philosophy.
  • Seek Equitable Distribution
    We are challenged to establish just distribution of resources to ensure quality and affordability to families and our church.

Archdiocese of San Antonio