January 6, 2020 started the New Year at school.  We all came back from Christmas break ready to start the second semester of school, get ready for Gala 2020 and finish planning Catholic Schools Week.  We heard about what was going on in China, but did not know the impact it would soon have on us.  Two and half short months later, Holy Spirit Catholic School (HSCS), along with the rest of the United States, is remote learning.

On Monday, March 16, 2020, HSCS faculty and staff assembled together to develop a remote learning strategy.  Through the leadership of our principal, Mrs. Margaret Webb and assistant principal, Mrs. Lourdes Garcia, each grade level planned how to teach their classes.

The next step was getting the students the books and resources they needed the safest way…through carline.  The faculty individually collected each student’s books and organized them by family.  On Wednesday, March 18th, parents came to pick up the items through carline, and by noon, the books were picked up and the physical school was essentially closed.  There were a lot of emotions that day; It was very surreal.



In one rapid week, our teachers moved their educational classrooms from school rooms to the students’ digital devices.  As we move to this new way of learning, the student and teachers are making history.  HSCS teachers are recording their lessons and emailing them to their students; Zoom is the new way to communicate as a class and questions are answered through emails or phone calls.


HSCS faculty and staff meet weekly via Zoom to discuss what is working, what is not, who needs additional support and the solutions to technical issues.

HSCS is fortunate to have a school counselor, SOAR department, IT team and a campus minister to assist in making this new process as smooth as possible.

We hope and pray that we are back in school by the middle of May to celebrate our 8th graders achievements with Graduation, celebrate First Holy Communion with our 2nd graders and enjoy being together again as a Flame family.