HSCS School Council


Guest Writer:  Patrick Talley – President, Holy Spirit School Council


What if Mrs. Webb came to you once a month and asked for advice on issues facing the school?  What if you could work shoulder-to-shoulder with her and her staff and our pastor on making Holy Spirit the best catholic school in San Antonio?  The good news is you can, and you do… through your School Council.


Holy Spirit School Council is a group of eight parents who have been elected or appointed to offer parental perspective and professional expertise to the administration on a wide range of school issues.  We aid in development of strategic plans, consult on marketing and development efforts, advise on budget and tuition, and provide a sounding board for Mrs. Webb and Father Antonio as they consider important decisions.


We mostly work quietly, behind the scenes, but we always try to keep your voices front and center.   Over the past few years we have conducted several parent surveys, gathered and shared parental feedback, and invited many parents to join our subcommittees.  Your participation has been an invaluable contribution to the continuing betterment of Holy Spirit School.


One of the best parts about being on school council is the opportunity to work with Mrs. Webb, who greatly values our inputs in the spirit of true collaboration.  She educates us about the challenges of today’s teachers, while we share with her the challenges of modern parenting.


As president of school council, I invite you to stay engaged with our school.  Parent involvement makes all the difference in the lives of our kids.  Volunteer, pitch in, and speak up.  Respond to our surveys, send me an e-mail, or just take a few minutes to talk to one of us at a school event or social setting.  We’d love to hear from you.


On behalf of your Holy Spirit school council, I want to thank you for choosing catholic education and supporting our kids and our school.


2018-19 School Council Members:

  • Patrick Talley – President
  • Matt Dotin – Vice President
  • Jonathan Pina – Finance
  • Adam Ysasi – Secretary
  • Rudy Garza – Facilities
  • Kathleen Antoon – Development
  • Bianca Brett – Strategy
  • Ralph Brooks – Parish Liaison




Patrick Talley

President – Holy Spirit School Council