For the students at Holy Spirit Catholic School, Religion is not only a core subject, it is taught and emulated across all subjects and aspects of the school day. We are immersed in Catholic values and traditions throughout the day. Each day begins with student led prayer over the PA system. We continue to pray at the start of each class and end of the day with prayer in the classrooms before dismissal. Additionally, each classroom has a prayer table that changes to reflect the liturgical season.

Each week, the student body attends Mass, which is planned and carried out by individual classes promoting high involvement by all grade levels throughout the year. All students in 3rd grade and above who have made their First Communion have the opportunity to become an Altar Server and participate in school masses in a special way.  The student body also attends Mass on Holy Days of Obligation and participates in religious services such as the Living Rosary, Litany of Saints, Advent Wreath Lighting, Las Posadas (Christmas), Reconciliation Services, Stations of the Cross, and the Crowning of Mary.

Additionally, students in 2nd grade prepare for the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion and students in 3rd-6th grade attend a yearly grade level retreat.

Holy Spirit Catholic School Prayer

O Holy Spirit,
Thank you for the gifts and talents you have given me.
Please help me today to use them
to the best of my abilities.
Be in my heart to fill me with God’s love;
Be in front of me to light my way and guide me;
Be behind me to give me strength and courage;
Be beside me to constantly remind me
that everything I do is for God.Amen.
By:  Sandra Hoelscher – Former HSCS parent