4 Components of Counseling & Guidance Program:

  • Guidance Curriculum will provide guidance content in a systematic way to all students in Kindergarten through eighth grade.  The purpose is to bring awareness, skill development and application of the skills needed in everyday life.  We use the “Growing in Love” curriculum, a National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) approved comprehensive guidance program for elementary and middle school students and the Second Step guidance program for K-5th grade students. This program is designed with a holistic approach to provide a social-emotional learning curriculum which nurtures children’s social-emotional competence and foundational learning skills.
  • Responsive Services will address the immediate concerns of students daily.  Programs available include individual and small group counseling, crisis intervention, consultation, and collaboration for students, parents and staff.  Referrals to other agencies and resources also available and provided.
  • Individual Planning  will assist students in monitoring and understanding their own development; help students with academic planning, goal-setting and self-awareness.
  • System Support will include program and staff support activities and services through needs assessment and consultation from administration, teachers, parents and students.

Classroom and School-wide Guidance:

All students receive guidance lessons in character formation in which the counselor in collaboration with the classroom teachers teaches students skills in:

  • Personal & Social — self-esteem, confidence, safe environment, bully prevention, conflict resolution, anxiety/worries, drug and violence prevention, Red Ribbon Week, friendship, feelings, tolerance & acceptance
  • Spiritual — virtue development, prayers, liturgy/mass, sacraments, saints, retreats
  • Academic & Educational — goal-setting, time management and organizational skill building, responsible behavior
  • Career & Occupational –– interest inventory, exploration of different careers and vocations, Career & Vocation day


Requesting Counseling Services & Telehealth Availability:


If you feel that your child should require assistance from the counselor, whether it is virtually or in person, please fill out the Request for Counseling Services form. You may also reach out via email at anastacia.granado@hscssa.org or phone: 210-349-1169 ext. 8327. Ms. Granado’s availability is Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.