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Mental Health Crisis Resources




How can counseling help my child do better at school?

  • School counselor’s can help your child work through some of the daily challenges that may interfere with their ability to focus or be the best student they can. Some of these challenges can include, but are not limited to, friendship issues, self-esteem struggles, anger, depression, academic challenges, or even familial or spiritual struggles.


Please note that all information shared with the counselor will remain confidential unless the child shares anything that endangers themselves or others, or if the student gives permission to share, the counselor will inform parents.


What should I do if my child is experiencing a crisis outside of school hours?

  • If your child is in a crisis situation, please take a deep breath and refer to this list of community resources in San Antonio. If your child should be admitted to a mental health facility, it may be helpful to notify the school counselor to confidentially share any concerns you may have upon your child’s return to school.


How do I request that the counselor see my child at school?


  • Parents/Guardians can request that their child meet with the counselor by filling out the Request for Counseling Form.
  • If preferred, parents are also welcome to contact Ms. Granado directly via email at or phone: 210-349-1169 ext. 8327.
  • Students may also request counseling by talking with their teacher or by emailing/talking to the counselor directly or in person.

What do I do if my child is being bullied?

  • Please visit the Resources page for at-home assistance.
  • Please also contact the school directly by either letting the school counselor, teachers or administration know as soon as possible.