Holy Spirit Catholic School

2020 – 2021 Tuition Schedule

Grade Annual Non-Parishioner Tuition

(per student)

Yearly Tithing Required for In-Parish Tuition (per family) Annual Parishioner


Annual Parishioner Tuition

 (per student)

K3-K4 $8,537 $600 ($1,277) $7,260
K5-1st $7,517 $600 ($1,277) $6,240
2nd – 8th $7,037 $600 ($1,277) $5,760

Sibling Discounts:

  • 2 Students – $400
  • 3 Students – $1000
  • 4 Students – No tuition for oldest
  • 5 Students – No tuition for oldest. ½ Tuition for second oldest

In Parish Rate Qualifications:

  • Families must be registered members of Holy Spirit Church and tithe a minimum of $50 per month for a 12-month period to qualify for this rate. Parish status will be determined for current students based on the previous 12-month contributions.
  • A minimum of $600 must be in your family parish account by June (for the previous 12 months) for a family to qualify for “In Parish Tuition” for the upcoming year, otherwise, Out of Parish rates will apply.
  • Please note tithing must be accountable by the Parish Business Office in order to keep In Parish rate tuition. Therefore, checks, tithing envelopes or credit card payments should be used.
  • New families must register with the parish and must begin tithing a minimum of $50 per month from the point of entry going forward

Registration Fee/Re-enrollment Fee – Non-Refundable

  1. $160.00 per new student – due at time of acceptance into the school
  2. Returning Families for the 2020-2021 school year – due February 2020. Re-enrollment is not considered complete until
    • Families are current with their financial obligations
    • Online Enrollment through RenWeb is completed
    • Re-enrollment fee is processed

Annual Commitment Fee – ALL FEES ARE REQUIRED & Non-Refundable

PTC Related

  • PTC Dues
  • Gala Project
  • Room Mother Fee

Curriculum Related

  • Textbooks
  • Field Trip Fee
  • Copyright & licensing
  • Technology Fee


  • Yearbook
  • Handbook Fee
  • School Activity Fee


  • Gala Tickets

Annual Commitment Fees:

  • Annual Family Fee: $275.00 due July 2020
  • Annual Per Student Fee: $335.00 due July 2020

Graduation/Retreat Fee – $100.00 – 8th Grade Students Only
First Recon./ Eucharist Sacramental Fee – (Typically 2nd Grade) – $50.00

Annual Commitment Fees – Due July 2020

New Families – Annual Commitment Fee due at time of acceptance if date of acceptance is after July 1, 2019 and before the end of the first semester. Families accepted after the first semester will be responsible for a half of the commitment fee at the time of acceptance.

FACTS Tuition Management Policy

  • The first tuition payment is due on August 1, 2018, with monthly payments due on the 1st day of each month until paid in full.
  • Tuition is considered late if received after the 10th of the month and families will be charged a $25.00 late fee per month.
  • There is an annual fee of $50 if you choose to pay your tuition monthly installments or$20 if you choose a one-time payment for the year.
  • The following processing fees may apply with using FACTS:
    • Credit Card – up to 2.85%
    • Debit Card – up to 2.85%
    • Checking or Savings account – no fee
  • The amount of processing fee will be disclosed once you select your payment method.
  • Card transactions for Holy Spirit Catholic School are processed by FACTS Management Company, USA.