About HSCS

Education inspired by the Spirit…
For 54 years, Holy Spirit Catholic School has continued to provide an exceptional and challenging academic foundation for its students.  That coupled with a curriculum rich in Catholic values and traditions draws students from over 30 zip codes to our community.  Students, Faculty, and Staff are proud to call Holy Spirit Catholic School a second home.  Having God at the center of our children’s educational lives is a blessing beyond compare.

School Philosophy

Holy Spirit Catholic School promotes a collaborative partnership with parents in the formation of student’s with Catholic values.  Each child is challenged to grow in all areas: spiritually, intellectually, personally, socially, and physically.  Within our changing society, Holy Spirit Catholic School encourages students to develop leadership skills and a commitment to service.  Using the teachings of the Catholic Church as our foundation, we embrace the call to instill a moral compass in our students intended to last a lifetime.

School Mission

Holy Spirit Catholic School – Faculty, Staff and Parish Family – is dedicated to providing excellence in education centered on the teachings of the Catholic faith.

School Vision

Holy Spirit Catholic School will be recognized as a community of leaders (students, parents, and faculty) which will continue to grow in numbers and wisdom. Holy Spirit Catholic School will grow in numbers by reaching its full capacity of students. Working together with parents and faculty, its students will excel in academic potentiality while being nurtured in a family environment. With the help of the Holy Spirit parish community, Holy Spirit Catholic School will provide additional early childhood education through renewed and renovated programs and facilities, which will foster potential Church leaders who are to exercise their God given gifts and talents. In the spirit of the Catholic Church’s tradition, Holy Spirit Catholic School will provide a quality education granting financial assistance to families who are in need.


Holy Spirit Catholic School is fully accredited by the Texas Catholic Conference Educational Department (TCCED), the Texas Education Agency (TEA), and is a member of the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA).  All teachers at Holy Spirit Catholic School have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree, have been certified to teach in the State of Texas, or have agreed to complete the requirements as set by TCCED.


Margaret Webb

Lourdes Garcia Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal

Lourdes Garcia